Paratrooper Veteran Proves Doctors Wrong, Lost 120 lbs, Walked Again!

After having served his country with courage and fortitude for 15 years in the Gulf, Arthur was told by his doctors that his ability to walk unaided had been severely compromised. Doctors told him that he would never walk again on his own.

However, Arthur was a determined soul who would not give up easily. He read an article about how yoga could help people and he decided that he would put his faith in yoga and so gave it a try. Rather than concentrating on the traditional and high impact exercises he devoted all his energies to doing DDP Yoga. He also emailed Dallas and told him about his problem and condition.

On receiving and reading Arthur’s email, Dallas became very touched by what he read and he started to correspond with Arthur via both email as well as telephone. His encouragement motivated Arthur even further and it made him believe that anything was possible. In spite of being told by doctors that his walking days were behind him, Arthur persevered and though he fell a number of times he always got up and gave it one more try.

The good news was that Arthur began to gain strength quickly and this in spite of the fact that he was also losing weight very quickly. However, thanks to the specialized workouts he started to regain his balance quickly and at the same time his body became more flexible quickly. All these factors helped to give Arthur renewed hope that with luck and perseverance and plenty of determination he would be able to prove his doctors wrong by walking once more unaided.

The fact that he succeeded in spite of overwhelming odds is proof that there are no limits on what we can achieve. The simple truth is that not only do people like Arthur not realize their own full potential but ordinary people also have the same problem. Though Arthur could only hope to achieve his goal of walking once more he and Dallas did not know that Arthur would actually succeed in his venture. 

The video of Arthur is testimony to the fact that it is pointless giving up and that even though you know better you can still take charge over your life and change it quickly and for the better. This true story should inspire countless people – both disabled and able-bodied to follow their dreams and not give up till their dying day. Have you felt like you would never achieve your goals because of your circumstances? Well, now that you have viewed the video about Arthur and his struggles, you too should learn never to give up no matter how difficult the task in front of you is.