My Story

Hi, my name is Ann and I am a US army veteran. Welcome to my blog.

After retiring from military at the age of 45, I gained excessive weight and this started to pose a challenge on my health. However, I lost all the excess weight that I had gained and today, I lead a healthy and more fruitful life. Through my struggle of getting the right weight lose program, I gained a lot of insight on the weight problem especially for those advanced in age. I also noticed that many veterans like me were struggling with the same problem. This motivated me to start this blog and provide help to such struggling veterans. I hope my blog provides you with the direction, help and motivation to overcome your own weight challenge. Below is a summary of my story of how I got in and out of this weight mess.

Change of Lifestyle After Retirement

Retirement from the military has a wide range of social, psychological, lifestyle and relational impact on a veteran. Like most other veterans, I had to deal with the change in lifestyle that came with the retirement. I had a lot of time to myself and could eat as much as I wanted. Furthermore, to cope with the change of lifestyle, the new life expectation and dealing with a non-scheduled life, I found myself eating much as a way of comfort. 

Gaining Weight

Without being conscious, I gained over 40 pounds within my first 2 years after retirement. When I discovered that my weight was getting out of hand, I got more depressed and this only led me to eat more as a way of comfort and to burry my stress. Indeed, I was on the verge of spinning into a more complex weight problem. However, thanks to my family and my strong will that I gained while in military, I resolved to overcome my challenge and lose the extra weight that I had gained.

Struggle to Lose the Weight

One of the major challenges of losing weight while over 40 years old is that your body is not as responsive as when you were younger. Like every other person seeking to lose weight, I tried a whole lot of weight loss programs, diets and exercises in vain. But through the process, I gained great insight on how to lose weight effectively especially for those who are advanced in age. Eventually, I was able to identify a working program and once I committed to it, I progressively lost the entire weight that I had gained after retirement.

You Can Also Live Healthily After Retirement

Are you a military veteran and are struggling with weight? This blog is just right for you. I share insights, tips and weight loss programs that are ideal for older people – information that I gained from a lot of trial and error. Losing weight when one is advanced in age can be quite a challenge. But with the right program and motivation, you can get over it. I hope to provide you with this advise on the right weight loss programs and to motivate you so as to enable you lead a healthy and happier retirement life.