Joining BistroMD is the Best Decision I Ever Made

I was looking for incredible, amazing, gourmet meals so I hopped online and I did a bunch of research and, consistently over and over again, I kept finding BistroMD as the product that had the best quality food delivered. Essentially, again, having that chef in your home and that’s what I was looking for.

I wanted something that was balanced, comprehensive, and easy. I found it through the internet and it was probably the best decision I ever made.

How Has Bistro MD Helped You?

The great thing about this program is that it help me to understand what healthy, normal portions look like, what exactly your body needs. Because at the end of the day, the food is fuel. I mean, I want to enjoy it, but it’s something my body needs to keep me healthy and happy and so I don’t need, you know, ten pounds of potatoes. I need a reasonable amount of fiber and protein to keep my body happy and healthy. And that’s been the biggest transition for me: With BistroMD, I looked at the portion size and realized that my portions were completely out of control and so that, of course, has transitioned the way that we eat in my house, and so it’s not just a change for me as a lifestyle change for my family.

You know, our plates sizes now are about half what they used to be but ironically we’re more satisfied and more full because we’re eating better food. I try to duplicate, you know, some of the different meals I see them send to us and I try to give that to my family because, of course, I want them to be living at their fullest and I think that’s one of the most amazing things that BistroMD has done for me as it has just made me a healthier,happier person.

Do I recommend Bistro MD? You bet. Why? Because for a healthy weight you need a healthy eating. And that's what Bistro MD does for you.