How Will BistroMD Food Arrive and What to Expect When Ordering

Keith likes to review various types of weight loss programs and plans, Today, courtesy of fast shipping via FedEx, he'll begin a review of the BistroMD meal plan. After discovering the BistroMD plan on the Dr. Phil television program, Keith decided to purchase a one week supply of meals and snacks.

In terms of outward presentation, Keith's food arrived in a large, yet discrete, cardboard box. This is great because your neighbors, for example, will never guess that you're on a special type of diet if they were to see the box. Personally speaking, I thought this was very important because things such as losing weight and/or participating in a weight loss program can be quite a personal topic for many people. Not everyone wants to share their plan(s) when it comes to making a life change.

When it came to the grand unveiling, after Keith had removed the original box, the interior contained a small cardboard box which held various snacks, while a rather large Styrofoam box, the main attraction, contained a total of 21 meals and three cheesecake desserts. The delivery also came with a menu sealed in a plastic bag. Additionally, as Keith noted, and wisely so, the presence of a dry ice bag was front and center on the surface once the lid was removed. It is vital to note that dry ice can be very harmful and Keith did a nice job of providing everyone with a quick safety tip in terms of proper handling.

Once all of the cheesecakes and meals were brought to the table, both literally and figuratively, I quickly noticed that Keith was in for a treat in terms of variety. Keith took the time to showcase each individual item by name and I was very impressed. BistroMD certainly packed more than just your run-of-the-mill traditional foods. Just from my personal observation, no item was the same and each item was quite eclectic.

In closing, Keith promised to review each meal he received courtesy of BistroMD and publish his thoughts via YouTube as well as his personal website