Alex Lost 100 lbs to Join the US Army: See Where Determination Can Take You

Usually when you want something, you've got to work hard to get it. This includes how you lose weight to achieve a certain objective. Some people go the extra mile to achieve their goals. It might sound crazy, but dropping 100 pounds to get into your ideal career is no joke. See the story of Alex, a young military officer whose mom said was born to wear the uniform.


You see, it all begun when he was a child. He liked politics and history. But most importantly, he had the urge to serve, and at the same time experience what the world looked like. He could only find this in the U.S military.

So he became a part of ROTC in August 2012. He was a college sophomore and his roommate also talked about his idea of joining the army in a positive light. At 5 foot 6, Alex weighed a whooping 289 pounds. He had a 42 inch waist, plus he wore 2 extra large T-shirts.

Despite his gigantic size, he was not giving up yet. So he talked to a lieutenant colonel who told him they didn't allow such people into the military. But because Alex had something deep inside that portrayed his determination, the lieutenant colonel thought Alex would achieve his goal if given the chance to.

But this was only the beginning

Alex signed a contract to drop his unhealthy weight, thanks to the lieutenant colonel who was very supportive. It was a do-or-lose it opportunity, so Alex had to wake up at 6am to get involved in activities that would help him lose weight. Think about all the sit-ups, push-ups, the press-ups and many more. These were meant to help Alex burn calories and also stay fit to qualify as an army officer.

Meeting the girl of his dreams

By now, changes were more apparent in Alex. All the push-ups couldn't go unrewarded. So when he met Megan Powers, he told her about how there was so much of him in the past, how he weighed nearly 300 pounds, and how he was determined to get into the army no matter what. This is the girl he's planning to build a home with, which explains why he was so confident telling her all this stuff.

The lesson

You see, he qualified by a whisker. Alex currently weighs 183. On the other hand, his body mass index is 24. Nevertheless, he was still able to get in because he had done so much work, to the extent of dropping to 24, which is a little below the army maximum of 26.

I know one thing; It all boils down to what happens in the mind. I was particularly concerned when Alex mentioned that he attempted to run the 2 miles race which he was supposed to finish in record 16.36 minutes. Unfortunately, he was way behind schedule by 32 minutes.

I also like the fact that he didn't give up when he visited a recruiter the first time. His body fat index was beyond the required limit, but two weeks later, he was able to beat all odds and pass the test. Can you see how determined this guy was?

Once he was sworn in as a combat engineer, that was the plan to serve his country. I like his motivation. It says just how far motivation can take you. Even though his passion was in the army, you may be losing weight because of other reasons best known to you. But one thing still stands; that if you follow Alex's example, you should be able to overcome that weight barrier and achieve your health goals.

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