A Veteran's Weight Loss Success Story - Vitacost and Nutrisystem Coupons

If you're a military veteran who has put on a few pounds since your last deployment, continue reading to discover why the majority of retired servicemen and women gain a significant amount of weight, upon entering civilian life, as well as how Nutrisystem and Vitacost, can help you shed the pounds you've put on, without sacrificing your favorite foods. First, a little about Nutrisystem and Vitacost:

How does Nutrisystem differ from the myriad of weight loss programs which are available?

Whilst most weight loss programs simply contain recipe ideas, Nutrisystem members have fresh, portion controlled meals delivered to their door on a daily basis. So there's less temptation for individuals to cheat on their diet. Better yet, members can sign up to a standard plan or customize their own meal plan, to fit their individual metabolism and weight loss goals. Once signed up to a plan, members are able to put design their own menu, from a database of over 150 nutrient rich foods. So you can rest assured, that you won't be forced to eat the same foods, over and over again.

What makes the Vitacost brand stand out in the vitamins and supplements market?

Healthy weight loss and proper diet go hand in hand. Vitamins and supplements can greatly assist in weight loss. For example, there is evidence that vitamin D melts fat. Vitacost, which has been in the health food industry since 1994, stands out mainly for 2 reasons:

  1. Quality: They are committed to providing the absolute quality health and wellness products. Their advisors are experts in the field of vitamins and supplements, like Dr Stephen Holt, M.D., a distinguished professor of medicine (emeritus) and medical practitioner in New York. Their products are backed by 100% money back guarantee.
  2. Huge variety of products: They carry 45,000 healthy products, including products from leading brands
  3. Low Prices: They offer discounts up to 50% off retail prices, and coupons.

What are some of the unique health challenges veterans face?

It's common for veterans to gain weight, after retiring from active military service as most active servicemen and women are able to eat whatever they like whilst serving, without gaining weight, due to the sheer amount of calories which they burn on a daily basis. However, once veterans settle into civilian lives, they often become sedentary and pile on pounds, as they continue to consume the same amount of calories, without burning the same amount of calories.

As you know, if you consume more calories than you burn, you'll put on weight. In fact, the International Journal of Obesity, reported that upon retiring the average military veteran will gain between 2.2-2.9 pound per year. In 2005, another study found that a staggering 68% of female veterans and 73% of male veterans had body mass indexes of over 25 kg/m2. Unfortunately, individuals who have a BMI over 25 kg/m2 severely increase their risk of developing health problems such as diabetes.

It's also been reported that war can negatively affect a veteran's mental health and that the lifestyle habits a veteran picked up whilst serving, can negatively influence their relationship with food. As an example, some veterans may have a tendency to binge eat or hide food, as a result of a food scarcity, during a deployment; whilst others may overeat as a way of coping with high stress situations.

Interestingly, many survivors of the Holocaust as well as released prisoners of war, also reported similar psychological based, preoccupations with food.

How does Nutrisystem assist military veterans in achieving their weight loss goals?

As a way of thanking all active and retired members of the armed forces for their service, Nutrisystem is offering military servicemen and women an exclusive 12% Nutrisystem discount code, which can be used on all orders, as well as free shipping.

Better yet, Nutrisystem boasts an online Veterans Support forum, where veterans can inspire each other to achieve their personal weight loss goals. Upon joining the Veterans Support forum, users are encouraged to share the name of the branch which they served in as well as their weight loss target.

Nutrisystem Coupon Code

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Vitacost Coupon Code

The current coupon for Vitacost is 12EXTRA8, and it saves you 12% of your entire order. Vitacost offers military discounts, too. Contact Catherine.Corey@Vitacost.com

Retired military man Brad loses 54 lbs on Nutrisystem:

Brad, a veteran who served in the military for 20 years, 15 of which were spent in Special Operations Aviation, had struggled with his weight since childhood. Whilst Brad lost 19 pounds during basic training, he soon gained the weight he had lost back, during his first assignment. Whilst Brad had spent his entire adult life being overweight, his weight ballooned upon retiring from military service. In fact, five years after retiring from active duty, Brad's weight reached a staggering 263 pounds.

At first Brad lived in denial, refusing to accept  the fact that he was clinically obese. His weight soon became the elephant in the room as Brad's excessive weight had increased his back and hip pain. Both of which were caused by service related injuries. As, an example, during a training exercise with a special ops unit, Brad took a 30 foot fall and fractured his hips and back.

By Thanksgiving 2012, Brad decided that enough was enough and by December the 1st 2012, Brad had signed up for Nutrisystem's Men's Select Program. Upon sampling the variety of meals, which were delivered to his doorstep, Brad was pleasantly surprised as got to try a variety of new foods and always felt satiated. In fact, at first Brad was skeptical that he'd loose weight as under his Nutrisystem program, Brad was able to eat sizable portions. Better yet, Brad's sweet tooth was catered to, as his program included a daily desert.

In conjunction with his Nutrisystem diet, Brad incorporated a daily 30 minute walk into his lifestyle and took up golf. Whilst Brad, set a goal of losing 10 pounds a week, till he reached his ideal weight, the pounds melted off, sooner than he expected. In fact, Brad was so shocked by his rapid weight loss that he consulted his local physician, who looked over Brad's diet and conducted a few tests. After which, his physician gave Brad's Nurtisystem his backing.

As well as transforming his lifestyle and losing 54 pounds, Brad has taken inches off his waist line. At his heaviest Brad's waist measured 44 inches, now Brad's waist measures just 36 inches. Better yet, Brad no longer suffers from the same severity of back and hip pain, as he isn't carrying any extra weight. Due to the Nutrisystem program, Brad has a new lease on life. He's landed a new job, which he loves and is able to spend more quality time with his wife, who supported him through each of his deployments.

So if you're a military veteran who is struggling to maintain a healthy weight, take a leaf out of Brad's book and seriously consider taking up Nutrisystem's offer to help you overhaul your diet by taking advantage of the military Nutrisystem coupon code. Not only will you lose weight and become more active but you'll also increase your confidence and enjoy a greater quality of life!

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